• PHP 5.4
  • Symfony 2.7


The only way to install Bartacus is with Composer.

composer require bartacus/bartacus-bundle ^0.3

Now take a look at the Bartacus Standard Edition to know which extra files and configuration is needed to get it running. The most important file is typo3conf/AdditionalConfiguration.php where the main part of Bartacus is initialised and fileadmin/app/AppKernel.php where all Symfony bundles and extensions which are turned into bundles are loaded.

The Symfony Cache

The Symfony cache gets cleared from the TYPO3 backend on system and all cache clear commands. If your TYPO3_CONTEXT is Development or a sub-context of it, Symfony watches all your files for building the container and rebuilds the container automatically. A manual cache clear is only needed if you add new files.

In all other cases if you change anything in the Twig templates, config or service definitions you have to clear the cache from the TYPO3 backend. While doing this, Bartacus calls some cache warmers to, so you never start with a complete empty cache.


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