String translations are possible with the wonderful translator service from Symfony. The locale for the translator is retrieved from your typoscript configuration, thus depending on the typical TYPO3 L url param.

Basic Configuration

Simple add the following to your fileadmin/app/config/config.yml if not already exist trough the standard edition:

    locale: en

    default_locale:  "%locale%"
    translator:      { fallbacks: ["%locale%"] }

This will activate the translator service and defines the default locale as fallback locale


To get the locale retrieving from TypoScript working Bartacus XCLASSes the TypoScriptFrontendController in a very early phase. If you have an extension installed which wants to XCLASS the the same class, the extension wins, and this functionality stops working.

Translation files

One restriction applies. Translations files can only be placed into real Symfony bundles <bundle>/Resources/translations dir or under the global fileadmin/app/Resources/translations dir. At the moment it is not possible to place translations into a extension “bundle”.