• Add configuration of new content element wizard to plugins.yml style configuration.


  • Fix cache warmup


  • TYPO3 globals are not checked anymore, before accessing them. This prevents errors with not yet existing globals.


  • Initialize backend user for TSFE on Symfony dispatch too


  • Add the BE_USER global as TYPO3 bridge service


  • Add the cache hash calculator as TYPO3 bridge service


  • Add full symfony routing/kernel dispatch within TYPO3 eID context and TSFE available.
  • Handle redirect responses from content element actions.
  • Create a bridge session storage to start session if not already started.
  • Fix path to console and eID dispatch if deployed in a symlinked environment.
  • Access to frozen TYPO3_CONF_VARS within Symfony container.
  • Improve the typo3 bridge with predefined services and better docs.


  • Add aliases to user obj hooks to allow references like service_id?:alias.


  • Use locale_all from TypoScript config instead of language. Leads to locales with countries.
  • Find console command like in normal symfony bundles.


  • Clear the Symfony cache from TYPO3 backend.
  • The Plugin class is deprecated. Create Symfony controllers instead.
  • Retrieve globals and makeInstance in service configurations.
  • Add routing for content elements to controllers.
  • Configure Symfony translator with locale from TypoScript setup.
  • Add the content object as third parameter to user functions from services.
  • The @BartacusBundle/Resources/config/config.yml file is removed. Take a look at the Bartacus Standard Edition how to fill your own config.yml.